A Luxury Safari Experience

Welcome to Vertigo Lodge de Estuario


Your Hosts: Jumbo and Colleen Swart


If you’re looking for seclusion, privacy and tranquillity, Vertigo Lodge de Estuario (Lodge on the Estuary) is perfect for you! We are an exclusive tented camp, consisting of 5 Luxury tents,  accommodating 2 persons per tent, on the edge of the estuary with the most stunning sunsets every evening.


The distance to the beach is approx. 5 minutes by car, and we are 15 minutes from the Inhambane International Airport; we can arrange a taxi service. Just a bit further along the road from the airport, is the bustling little city of Inhambane itself, which is the capital of Inhambane province in Moz and holds a lot of history, where you can get almost everything you desire if you look hard enough, or a close equivalent.


There is the Central Mercado (market) where you are able to get souvenirs of traditional woodwork, jewellery, and clothing.  There are many excellent tailors who will sew you anything you desire, to measure (even a suit) in the local traditional prints, sometimes within a day depending on how busy they are, and local produce which is grown without pesticides and is totally organic. You can get all this at the beachfront market in Tofo, but the prices are higher.


We will be serving you a full breakfast and the Meal-of-the-Day for dinner if you so desire. We can arrange a taxi service to take you down to the Tofo beachfront in the evenings, to enjoy the local fare and join in the local atmosphere of Tofo, where you will find many different types of restaurants, serving local dishes, which is mostly freshly-caught produce from the sea. Crayfish, prawns, calamari etc. You will also find some amazing pizzas and peri-peri chicken dishes if you’re not a fish lover! The music plays, the drinks flow and you can relax and enjoy the atmosphere amongst the locals and many foreigners from all over the world, who fill the streets. The prices here are relatively cheap but be on the lookout for some locals, who will try their luck and charge you way more than the normal price, but that’s where your bargaining skills are put to the test! Come back to “our little piece of Paradise” to relax and sleep peacefully in our beautiful safari luxury air-conditioned tents, to wake to the next awesome day of activity, or not! Lounge around next to our superb swimming pool with a 180 degrees view of the magnificent estuary, and sip on a cooling drink or two. Occasionally you will hear the moo of a cow or crow of a rooster which will make you realise that you are far away from the city.


We can arrange a taxi to take you down to the beachfront during the day for you to swim, or surf in the warm Indian Ocean waters. We can arrange deep-sea fishing, scuba diving (some of the best diving in the world), quad bike rides and many other activities that are available here. We also hire out Vespas for you to explore this beautiful part of the world on your own terms. There are some lovely day excursions to the islands in the estuary/lagoon (Pansy Island), and we can also arrange for you to go snorkelling for seahorses.  You will enjoy a trip on the lagoon on a dhow, which is the local version of a kayak or canoe, but with a sail. No engines, therefore no noise or fumes. Absolute bliss!! There are also sea safaris leaving from the beach in Tofo where they will attempt to locate dolphins, manta rays or even whales, for you to swim with. A once-in-a-lifetime experience! At certain times of the year, you will be able to see whales, manta rays and whale sharks passing by in front of you, while you’re standing on the beach, and absolute thrill! The locals are relaxed and friendly and always willing to help. They have many local languages, but most can speak and understand Portuguese, and some are quite fluent in English.


So if you’re wanting to get away from the city, with it’s high-rise buildings and horrendous traffic, this is the place for you. Ideal for honeymoons and couples without children, to catch up with each other or simply vegetate to your hearts’ desire!! We also cater for small corporate  Events or Company Getaways: parties of 10 only (sharing).


We have an honesty bar, stocked with local beers (2M, Laurentina), R&R (Tipo Tinta Rum & Raspberry) a local drink created here and only drunk in Mozambique, and all the other well-known brands; Jamesons, J&B, Bells, Gordons Dry Gin, Absolut Vodka, Richelieu & Klipdrift Brandy, South African and  Portuguese Wines, Jägermeister, Tequila, and so on.


Inhambane is a malaria area so stock up on Peaceful Sleep, Tabard or your preference of insect repellent. We do everything we can do to control the mosquito population at our lodge, but it’s up to you/ please make sure you keep yourself covered and “unbitten”. If you prefer, please visit your doctor and discuss precautions he/she would recommend.  If you do happen to catch Malaria while here, the local doctors and hospitals are experts on Malaria, and will treat you for a ridiculously small amount of money.


The local currency is the Meticas; MT1000 is equivalent  to approx. R200.00, $17,e15 & GBP3. There are banks and ATM’s in Inhambane and some closer by for your convenience.


It is beautifully warm and humid all year round, cooling just a little in the winter months in the evenings. Sunscreen is a must!!


Please be advised that we do not cater for children under 12 years of age.

We are at your service!

What You Can Expect

1. Swimming Pool Area
Our Private residents only Swimming Pool area is located a few stairs down from the bar deck. It features a surrounding wooden deck with loungers and umbrellas to help you relax.
2. Sleeper Tents
Each Sleeper tent has an en suite bathroom, lounge area and outside shower. Each sleeper tent also comes equipped with a Nespresso machine, bar fridge, safe (big enough to lock up a laptop), GHD Hairdryer and Straightener, Writing Desk, Comfortable sofa and aircon.
3. Main Restaurant and Bar
Our Residents only Main Restaurant and Bar Tent features a 50ms Deck to allow you to watch as the sun sets over the estuary, with a cocktail in your hand. Our bar area is equipped with a 55" TV (DSTV).
4. Gourmet Dining
Breakfast is included in your booking fee. You can look forward to starting your day with Pao (Portuguese sourdough rolls) accompanied with butter and jam on your veranda. Nespresso pods will also be waiting for you to enjoy in your room before you help yourself to breakfast in the restaurant tent. For Dinner you will have the option of one of 3 dishes at an additional cost of USD15 per person.